Managed Security Services

Cloudburst Security offers managed security solutions to defend your network against today’s onslaught of sophisticated cyber attacks. Unlike traditional providers, we take the time to gain a detailed understanding of your network–beginning with an initial, focused customer-engagement and baselining period. Our managed security services include:


Cloudburst Security’s security monitoring and analysis solutions create a highly responsive, collaborative, and dynamic system. Cyber threat intelligence is integral to everything that we do–from our Tier 1 analysts to our senior subject-matter experts (SMEs). Our system enables analysts of all skill levels to swiftly detect the threats and attacks our clients face. Cloudburst Security’s monitoring and analysis solutions arm our team with a cybersecurity arsenal built from protecting the most critical networks and systems in the world from advanced persistent threats (APTs). Our advanced analysis support platform allows us to categorize events quickly and confidently, focusing analysis cycles on advanced threats and moving rapidly through all incident response phases–from detection to remediation.


In today’s dynamic cyber-threat environment, numerous organizations across the globe experience cyber intrusions on a daily basis. Cloudburst Security’s cyber breach and forensics services leverage our experience in responding and remediating incidents for a broad range of government and commercial organizations. We keep stakeholders informed of response findings and efforts, as well as keeping the entire response team focused on methodically moving through the phases of our incident response process. Cloudburst Security follows sound forensics best practices to maintain and preserve the proper chain of evidence and custody. We are capable of and experienced at handling both externally generated and insider threat investigations. When warranted and requested, Cloudburst Security will support law enforcement investigations to transition your case carefully to the appropriate agencies. Our analysts have experience in testifying as expert witnesses in court cases, on your behalf.


Organizations are forced to make a choice between security and workforce performance, but business demands that you do both effectively. Unlike other endpoint security tools, X by Invincea and powered by Cloudburst Security experts is built to eliminate this impossible choice.  The Cloudburst Security team provides your organization with an unmatched level of service to support organizations, both large and small.  We handle the entire management lifecycle of your endpoint protection solution, helping you to quickly reduce 90% percent of the current attack surface used to compromise your organization.


Today, the vast majority of damaging cyber attacks are perpetrated through spear phishing. When regularly conducted, end-user training on spear phishing offers the best security payoff. Cloudburst Security’s approach is based uniquely on your organization’s culture and requirements. We provide custom-built managed spear phishing services, such as campaign development, communication recommendations, and training development.


Cloudburst Security’s threat and vulnerability management solutions focus on continuously identifying and remediating weaknesses in our clients’ environments. We conduct an initial baseline assessment, assist with remediation efforts, and to develop the threat and vulnerability management program. Cloudburst Security’s MSS (managed security services) portal is supplied with data, reports, and metrics. This portal affects the enterprise-risk-level meter; providing IT and management with a daily, multi-faceted visible indicator of risk. Threat and vulnerability data also inform the security monitoring context and assist with long-term trend analysis.

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