In addition to our federal government offerings, Cloudburst Security is a premiere cybersecurity service provider focusing on several sectors:


Cloudburst Security recognizes the importance of providing real cybersecurity for critical infrastructure. For some systems, lives depend on their integrity, security and smooth operation. We leverage our experience with the Department of Energy, direct critical infrastructure protection, and that of our wide range of consultants. This experience allows us to form a hybrid, practical approach to protecting these systems and responding when incidents occur.


Cloudburst Security grasps the importance of cybersecurity protection in campus environments, for both student and staff. We are versed in the challenges presented by BYOD (bring-your-own-device), cyberbullying, social media, privacy concerns and reputation protection. Cloudburst Security brings a full spectrum of solutions to ensure a safe and productive academic environment. When needed, we offer the protection profiles; provide cybersecurity training; respond to incidents; coordinate with law enforcement, support public relations and media responses; continuously work to improve your security posture–in a discreet and professional manner


Cloudburst Security provides support to banks, federal credit unions, and other financial institutions–to assist in protecting financial transactions and customer data; in maintaining compliance and financial regulations; and in preventing fraud. Our approach balances a blend of technical and procedural countermeasures with audit and compliance controls. This allows Cloudburst Security to provide custom solutions based on each institution’s requirement and risk profile.


Cloudburst Security understands the need to protect Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) and the requirements levied by the HIPAA Security Rule (SR). Our approach is to perform audits and assessments to link procedural and program reviews with technical security assessments. This allows Cloudburst Security to ensure a complete, accurate picture of the organizational security posture and compliance, including external business partners.


Cloudburst Security recognizes that manufacturing is vital to many nation’s economies. Advancements in technology, such as proprietary manufacturing techniques and 3D-printing, have provided an additional edge to small and mid-size manufacturers. This edge can be negated when manufacturers suffer debilitating cyber attacks on their systems. Cloudburst Security offers the manufacturing industry a full range of custom manufacturing-specific cybersecurity services, which include: insider threat detection, managed security services and a full range of assessment services. This allows us to measure risk, provide tactical recommendations, and strategic planning.

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